Problem percepcije / Problem of Perception

work on the documentary problem of perception
crime reconstruction↑ map and miniature figures for the crime reconstruction
stickers↑stickers for the crime reconstruction

General Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic was the commander of Yugoslav Royal Army from Second World War, known also as “Chetniks”. The court process aimed to return civil rights to this historical person has started in High Court in Belgrade. The original process was held in 1946 and the general was tried for high treason and crimes against civilians. His supporters claim that he was the victim of a false communist trial, and that he was innocent. Author of the film visits the families of the victims and places where some of the crimes had occured. In the village of Vranic, where 67 people were killed during one night in 1943 by Chetniks, one member of the Chetnik squad has returned from immigration and settled down in a neighboring village.

Director: Ivan Mandić
Cinematography: Dalibor Tonković
Sound: Bojan Palikuća, Milutin Bešlić
Set design: Snežana Arnautović
Music: Ivica Stjepanović
Editing: Vladimir Radovanović
Producers: Goran Despotović, Ivan Mandić
Executive producer: Milan Milosavljević
Production house: Akademski filmski centar, 84min, 2011.


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