A N N A V R / U n d e r T h e S a n d

I’m happy to announce that the music video, in which I had played a part in, is now online. Enjoy it!

“The video explores body landscapes while channelling life’s existential essentials: Friendship and Desire. Bodies in Nature: Under the Sand. You’re with friends on a beach, on a warm summers day. Suddenly you find yourself drifting, high on the beauty of nature and the love for your friends. As feelings dissolve, our skin expands, our bodies blend; nature makes you realise how we are wired to desire, free of judgement, drawn to flesh and beauty. In 2018 it felt right and important to explore the topic with three guys, instead of ‘the classic’ of a boy and a girl. United in the universal longing for love and acceptance.” – ANNA VR

written by ANNA VR
produced by ANNA VR&Sebastian Kreis
live drums by Sönke Reich
directed by Zeno von Trapp DOP Ahmet Sesigurgil
mixed by Simon Allert
mastered by John Davis
ig @__annavr__
fb @annavrmusic


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