srdjan was born in 1982 in belgrade, serbia. he lived in four different countries and under three different regimes, without ever leaving his birth town. upon graduation from the faculty of architecture, belgrade university, he worked for two years as an architect, with occasional excursions to the fields of product design and art.

soon, srdjan realized that traditional architectural education did not provide him the skills to understand the scope and impact of architectural practice on the social and political landscape. to supplement this, in october 2010 srdjan moved to weimar and joined PhD program urban heritage at the institute for european urban studies, bauhaus university.

the focus of srdjan’s research is industrial heritage sites and construction of memory as urban redevelopment projects in former factory towns in post-socialist serbia. (read the abstract of his thesis)

since april 2014, srdjan is working as a teaching and research assistant at the chair for urban design, bauhaus-univeristät weimar. (lehrstuhl städtebau 1)

this blog is srdjan’s attempt to formulate his on-line representation.

all work licensed under creative commons


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